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(TFT) Re: Additions to the Library.

Hail Ricardo and Our TFT Demense,

My procurer loves to purchase these themed books of history and culture. For those who want some alternate source materials, some of the collection are:
GURPS of many types,
Advanced Diyandi of a few types,
Dragonquest Boxed set (minus box),
Siennes (Chivalry and Sorcery) boxed set (minus box) and 3rd edition &
 Sourcebook 2,
MiddleEarth arPeGee,
Shadowrun  arPeGee & Grimoire,
IFGS Live arPeGee,
Pirates  (see their website),
BattleLust (HarnWorld) miniatures,
Midkemia lands (Carse, Jonril, Sunken Lands, etc),
GameScience Fantasy Gamer's Compendium,
Even Riddle Rooms #1 Dungeon Dilemmas.

I know of the legends of the "Lands Beyond the Mountains", for the Librarium owns the first two copies; Darok & Dihad. I have heard of the rumored other two, but do not know their names. I could probably find it by researching the archives, but my scribes have left me for a moment.

I would purchase these and make them available.

Giovanni Paolo
Master Librarian
Mnoren Librarium

From: Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca>
Subject: Additions to the Library.
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 07:25:00 -0700

To the Revered Giovanni Polo, Scholar and Philanthropist,
of Glendale California, Greetings!

	Your noble efforts in stocking and expanding
your PUBLIC library have come to our notice and we
are favorably disposed.

	We have heard tales of a certain rare tomes but
despite some effort, our agents have been unable to
procure a copy. To Wit, copies of the remaining two
parts of the "Land Beyond the Mountains" which were
published after Metagamings demise, thinly disguised as
Thieves world supplements.

	Should you find copies of these rare tomes, we
would pay you any reasonable purchase price. The books
we would donate to you, so that you may then place them
in your esteemed library. If you can find two copies, pray
buy both, one for yourself and one for our collection and
we will re-emburse you.

	Signed: The gamer: Richard W. Smith

	(Any reasonable price is $20.00 or less.)

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