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(TFT) Mnoren Librarium is open again

Greetings from the Library,

I have In The Labyrinth (ITL), Advanced Melee (AM), Advanced Wizards (AW), Melee, GameMaster Screen. I can't locate my Wizards booklet.

I also have Tolenkar's Lair, Silver Dragon, Gold Unicorn, OrbQuest, Security Station, Underearth, and a couple of more. However, some of these are in very played out conditions and may not have maps or chits.

I have other reference items (C&S, GURPS) that can be checked out also.

These are available for check-out of one week. You pay the cost of shipping both ways; with you writing me a check for the cost of shipping it to you. Per suggestion, I am now shipping via Fed-X as they also insure and track. Price varies from $10 to $25US. I won't know how much it will be until Fed-X picks it up. This might not be worth it, because you'll be shipping back the originals. [How you retain the memory of it after its sent back is up to you.]

Keep in mind, the more books, the heavier the package and then more cost.

To check out a book, place a message on this Brainiac usergroup stating that you wish to check out named books from the Librarium. I will contact you off the Brainiac usergroup site via your regular e-mail to get your address and confirm your request. I will then announce on this Usergroup site that I shipped you your request. Upon receipt, if you would e-mail to the group that you have received the items. After a week, please return the items with a check for the forwarding postage (made out to John Paul Bakshoian in US Dollars if possible). E-mail the group that you are returning the items and how you liked the service. I will let you know when it arrives.

Giovanni Paulo
Great Librarian
Mnoren Librarium
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