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Re: (TFT) Blub-dub.... taking a pulse on the list

  Thump... Thump... ... Thump... Thump...

  There is a heart beat, but I don't know if the patient is breathing.

AD&D3e is the heart of the notorious "Open Gaming" or "D20" system. It was argued by one of its proponents (an exec at Wizards of the Coast WOTC) that every dollar spent advertizing other game systems (no matter what system) wound up selling more Player's Handbooks. So there was no harm in allowing anyone to make adventures with the AD&D system. He went further stating that "the decline in popularity of role playing games" came from the proliferation of games. The D20 system generated a lot of excitement and stimulated a lot of expectations. Now a year and a half later there have been some shifts in perspective. While there are a few decent products out under the D20 system, by other companies, WOTC had to take some legal actions against others who were, in effect, republishing the Player's Handbook. After this shake out one writer noted that "Some of the more sophisticated players enjoy figuring out new systems." One D20 product I saw that caused me to laugh out loud in my local game shop is "Hack Master." A blatant hack & slash sytem. The cover art was great. Pure satire of the old AD&D cover art.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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