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Re: Re: (TFT) Blub-dub.... taking a pulse on the list

Yah, I'm still here. <scattered cursing>  I've gotten involved 
doing a rewrite of the rules to Divine Right for its designer.

3rd edition D&D?  Well it's better than the second edition.  
Of course, to scandalize the list and show that that I am 
Not To Be Trusted in these matters, I'll mention that I 
still prefer the 1st edition over either of them. 

3rd edition does have a somewhat more 'tactical' combat 
system than previous editions, which might make it sound
like it would be of some appeal to TFT'ers but it seems 
there's too much fussy crap in it and not enough real

Then there's these goofball 'prestige classes' or whatever 
they're called, garbage contrived solely to make people buy
a half-dozen "The Complete [whatever]" books.  

Are you thinking that the list has been quiet because
everyone here has switched to 3e?  Ha, I doubt it.  

Oh, and David, Hack Master is *not* a D20 product.  KenzerCo
got the rights to the old AD&D material and published
a version of it paralleling the fictional Hackmaster game
in their Knights of the Dinner Table comics.  It's kind
of interesting (to me, at least) but kind of goofy all at
once.  But it sure as HECK isn't D20 or 3e.

BTW, David, how are things going with your system? 
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