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RE: RE: Re: (TFT) Blub-dub.... taking a pulse on the list

>>Yah, I'm still here. <scattered cursing>  I've gotten involved
>>doing a rewrite of the rules to Divine Right for its designer.
>Now THAT sounds pretty interesting to me.  Doing a re-write of the 
>rules...for its designer?  Then what's the "designer" doing?

Rewrite is too strong a term.  'Re-edit', let's say, but there's
a lot of changes in there.  This work is with the new version of the 
game released in January.   The publisher got a manuscript of the 
rules from the designer, but then sort of went off on a tangent with
them and published a rather odd version of the rules them without 
consulting with him. I'm working with the author, trying to pull 
together the several versions that exist and their associated errata
into a coherent whole.  It's quite a project, as usual I underestimated
how involved this would be.

Not that any of this is related to TFT.  If you want to discuss it
further, I'll be glad to, but preferably off-list.

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