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Re: (TFT) Blub-dub.... taking a pulse on the list

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>   One D20 product I saw that caused me to laugh out loud in my local game

shop is "Hack Master."  A blatant hack & slash sytem.  The cover art was 
great.  Pure satire of the old AD&D cover art.

   David Michael Grouchy II<

The story I heard is that the Hack Master (which is NOT a d20 system)
system is a liscence of the 1st edition AD&D materials. 

Rumor has it this came about because the "Knights of the Dinner Table"
cartoon wound up on the Dragon CD without the permission of the owners -
who also publish Hack Master. So instead of sueing, they just worked out a
deal to liscence the 1st edtion AD&D stuff as a parody. 

Of course, it's a joke that's gone a little farther than I could afford to
buy, but it sure looks cute. 

The d20 stuff is almost universally awful but I have picked up some of the
items from Mongoose Publishing that should work really well with TFT. 

"Seas of Blood" is a an excellent Naval combat supplement and "The Slayers
Guide to Amazons" is a delightfully cheesy guide to Amazon tribes that even
includes a centerfold! Very good joke - especially if you're a Xena fan. 


This publisher manages to keep the prices very reasonable, the artwork
pretty professional and best of all avoids the *worse* feature of most d20
products - pages and pages of new character classes. So far, no new
character classes have taken up more than 2 pages in any of their products.

Thank you for your consideration.
Michael Taylor
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