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(TFT) Aliens Handicap

POWERFUL RACE (-2 points, tb, a.k.a. Slow Learner) You earn only =
experience points. If the GM allows, this also includes VERY LONG-LIVED
Power for no CP cost. 
For purposes of deciding how powerful a race is before it can be considered
a Powerful Race, use the following guidelines:
Senses (Total 10 CP) - Usually Sight (4 CP), Sound (3 CP), Touch (1 CP),
Taste (1 CP) and Smell (1 CP), Speech (1 CP)
Physical (Total 15 CP) - Respiration (2 CP), 2 arms (4 CP) with hands (2
CP, provides DX 10), 2 legs (6 CP, provides MA 10), Warm-Blooded (1 CP,
provides ST 10)
Mental (Total 8 CP): Developed Brain (4 CP, provides IQ 10), Emotions (4
So the average (mostly human-like) intelligent races have approximately
33 points of physical characteristics. A Powerful race starts the game with
more than 33 CP. A Very Powerful Race starts with 66 points or more when
they begin the game. 

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