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Re: (TFT) Old newbie

shryken@yahoo.com wrote:
> So, I need to find all the rulebooks necessary 
> for TFT.  Any one care to give me a list?  Melee, 
> Wizard, Adv. Melee, Adv. Wizard, ????  

Sounds like the only one you missed is In The Labyrinth,
which pulls AM and AW together into a role-playing game.

You don't really need Melee AND Advanced Melee, or
Wizard AND Advanced Wizard.  The "Advanced" ones are
what you really want.  (Although, to get any counters 
you will need Melee and Wizard, if you really feel that
you have to have those counters with the goofy fraktur 
font ID letters.)

> And, just where might I pick up copies of 
> aforementioned books?

Well now that's where the problem comes in.  
If you have a few bucks to blow on them there's 
always e-bay.  Other than that...well, is the
Mnoren Librariam still open?
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