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(TFT) Re: Answering my own question...sort of

Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
>>>>Most settings are child's play to convert to GURPS -- just pick and 
>>>>choose from the parts supplied, give a minor setting-specific tweak or
>>>>and you're done. 

My experience is different. I can name many major settings that it's not
possible to play with GURPS without a major overhaul. 

>>>>No generic system can handle every setting with no tweaking.

Again, my experience is different, I can name several generic systems that
can handle the settings that GURPS can't without any significant tweaking.
TFT can handle most of them (though arguably not Supers!) without anything
more than a few new talents. 

>>>>I'd love to see it. Can you send me his email?

He's specifically asked me not to until he is 'done' but I'm fascinated
that he's gone so far and I'll definitely keep bugging him on it!

I'm certainly willing to agree to disagree - but I find it odd that you
would be interested in a GURPS re-write when the very idea that it needs
re-writing is such whimsy!  :}

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