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Re: (TFT) Aliens Handicap

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>> POWERFUL RACE (-2 points, tb, a.k.a. Slow Learner) You earn
Where is this from?  Some houserule set I've yet to see?

Powerful Race is really just a 'expansion' explanation of the Slow Learner
Handicap from Ty's Swords & Spaces houserules.

>>Intriguing...  is that 4 points for Sight the sum of: 1 for
>>Detect Intensity, 1 for Detect Frequency (Color), 1 for Detect
>>Direction, and 1 for Object Resolution?  That would fit with
>>3pts for Hearing being Intensity, Frequency, and Direction.
>>I smell a ruleset here...

Neato! I love the ideas here! This would allow the piecemeal building of
aliens with special senses in a really neat way! Eagerly awaiting more

Actually, I mostly just reversed the points from Handicap values for Blind
(-4 points), Deaf (-3 points), One-Armed, etc. (from the Space Gamer

> 33 points of physical characteristics. A Powerful race starts
> the game with
> more than 33 CP. A Very Powerful Race starts with 66 points or
> more when
> they begin the game. 

I also forgot to mention that there are some races that are especially weak
(pixies) and need only half the EP to raise an attribute. I guess these
should have starting values of 16 Character Points or less. 

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