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RE: (TFT) ...and a monster suggestion. --> Displacer Beasts

Rick wrote...

  I am a little troubled by the
image being able to take blows.

My thought is that the Illusion spell would cover it better. Everything else seems right, to down right cool. Seeing as he doesn't have a copy of wizard, I can see how "image" was the word used by accident.

"If it [an image] hits or touches something, or something hits or touches it, the image disappears."
      AW page 5

"An illusion has the exact characteristics of the thing it represents. An illusionary wolf has ST 10 and DX 14 just like a real one. It can be killed just like a real wolf too, if it takes 9 hits, its unconscious and the 10th hit "kills" it. It then vanishes."
      AW page 5

So he says the illusion is automatically replaced. This would be cheeply done if the displacer empowered with a maintain illusion. It would only cost the displacer 2 fs to cast the illusion and it would last indefinetly or untill "killed".

   David Michael Grouchy II

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