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Re: (TFT) ...and a monster suggestion.

--- Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu> wrote:
> endless supply of Images, re-created at need, seemed like the
> simplest way
> for the creature to do this. As Prophesor pointed out, I used
> Apep as
> precedent.

Mark, I think your approach was dead-on.  I think quibbling over
your use of 'Image' is rather unnecessary.  "Your sword passes
through."  "Did I feel anything?"  "No.  And now it hits you
again..."  "Disbelieve."  <dice, for no reason> "No, still
there.  It hits you again.  You have Tracking?  Make a roll..."

You see, its natural prey doesn't HAVE tracking.  And please
don't anybody try to tell me its natural prey is adventurers.

> Also, I like the magic item tie-ins - thanks, Prophesor!
> 							- Mark

No, thank you!  It was you who got the muse rolling.

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