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Re: (TFT) ...and a monster suggestion.

From: "Cas and Lisa \(also Silvia, Max & Viveka\) Liber"

>I like Mark's displacer beast -

Thanks, all!

>now if it is an IMAGE, which the critter
>revives as soon as touched, does anyone notice it blink and disappear? (5/IQ
>to see for a naturalist? 4/IQ for expert naturalist)

I think this is a great idea. It never came up with my players - they
recognized Displacer Beasts from AD&D immediately, and knew the image was
not what they needed to aim at. But if a party is still trying to kill the
image after three or four turns, this would be a good way to give them a
hint. Maybe even allow 6/IQ for anyone, if the players are really stubborn.

re: Image/Illusion/Figment/Hologram - cool ideas for spells. For the
Displacer beast, my desire was for the projected whatever-it-is to be able
to decoy off an infinite stream of attacks, without ever going away. An
endless supply of Images, re-created at need, seemed like the simplest way
for the creature to do this. As Prophesor pointed out, I used Apep as

Also, I like the magic item tie-ins - thanks, Prophesor!
							- Mark
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