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(TFT) Image 2 --> Figments.

	Tougher Images in TFT
	By Rick Smith
	(c) 2002

	A second type of Image is the Figment,
it is treated as an image for all purposes 
but it can touch and be touched with out 
vanishing.  However if a figment is given a
strong shove or takes damage, it will vanish.

	A Figment can move thru grass and 
brush with out vanishing.  A handful of rice
thrown thru an area will not cause a Figment
to vanish.  (This is a favorite tactic my
players have for figuring out which figures 
are Images.)

	A Figment will vanish if it is shoved
with 1 Newton of force. (1 kg in a 10 m/s/s 
gravity field exerts 1 Newton of force on 
your hand when you pick it up.)

	Images are prerequisites of Figments
so if you already know Image, a Figment will
fit in the same memory slot.  The fST cost
is the same as for the same sized Image. The
IQ corequisite is 6 IQ higher than for the
same sized Image.  (So a 1 hex Figment is a
IQ 15 spell that costs 1 fST and lasts for 
12 turns.)  They may be repowered for 
another 12 turns but if they are outside of 
creation spell range the cost is doubled.

	What do people think?

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