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(TFT) Displacer Beasts --> neither fish nor foul, neither Image nor Illusion.

Prophesor wrote in part:

>It pains me to disagree with two such great lights as Rick and
>David, but...
>The new guy is right on with Image.  It's an Image.  Not an
>Illusion.  It can't do damage.  It doesn't do damage.  

Hi all,
	I was not arguing for it to be an illusion,
but rather a new class of spell. 

	There have been times when I wished that I
could summon up a stronger version of an image,
that didn't vanish at the slightest touch. 

	Let us say that there is a new class of 
magical creations, a hologram or simulacrum.
(Actually I'm keeping the word 'simulacrum' for
a different spell, so let us call them holograms
for this letter.)

	A hologram is just like an image but if it
is touched the touching hand passes thru it and
it does not vanish.  The IQ corequisite would be 
the 6 higher than Image and Image would be a 
prerequisite to the spell.  The fST cost would 
be the same for the same sized Image spell.  (So 
the 1 hex Hologram would be an IQ 15 spell that
cost 1 fST to cast.)  

	A hologram would make a fine scout since 
it does not vanish so easily.  It should have
some way for people to get rid of it... Hmmm,
nothing comes to mind right now.

	My point is, that rather than having Images
always behave a certain way except for this 
creature, I would rather make a new class of 

	The hologram above I am not seriously 
proposing, it needs work.  But it is along the 
lines I was speaking of.

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