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RE: RE: (TFT) ...and a monster suggestion. --> Displacer Beasts

Thanks, Stan!
	This sort of letter was exactly the sort of
ideas I was hoping to see.  I like your giant slug,
do you have stats?


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>It pains me to disagree with two such great lights as Rick and
>David, but...
>The new guy is right on with Image. [snip reasoning]

I also think Image is the way to go with this.

(I also agree that this is quite a nifty beast.)

As far as Rick's question about other characteristics tactically interesting
monsters could have, well let's see...

Mixed groups are always more interesting than homogenous ones.  This is old
advice, but I still see adventures where all the orcs have the same ol'
broadsword and shield.  At the very least hand out some polearms.  Whether
to involve the more 'exotic' weapons is a matter of taste, but if you
routinely allow the players to learn them, why not their opposition?

Creatures that alter the terrain around them can be interesting.  I've used
a giant (3 hex long) slug whose copius slime converts all the hexes
surrounding it to Slippery Floor hexes.  This makes it difficult to fight
except with two-hex weapons and ranged attacks, and facilitates the slugs
getting into HtH combat.

Creatures that are somehow immune to each others' attacks have a significant
advantage--they can launch missiles into melee without fear and strike into
HtH piles in much the same way.  Undead who have 'life-draining' attacks
fall into this category, as do skeletons armed with piercing weapons(or at
least bows), creatures who rely mainly on poison (and are in turn immune to
that poison), or anything that isn't vulnerable to edged/blunt/unenchanted
weapons that itself strikes with such weapons.

Creatures Glamoured to look like other, similar-sized creatures can really
baffle players, especially creatures vulnerable to certain attacks Glamoured
to look like things that are immune to them.

Creatures that are accompanied by clouds of insects, or that whip up clouds
of dust and gravel around themselves, can lower the effective DX of their
opponents.  For players that try to get by with a moderate DX, even a small
penalty can be a problem.

Just a few ideas.

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