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Re: (TFT) Crossbows Are Too Powerful in TFT or Longbows are NotPowerful Enough

Prophesor wrote:
> --- Ty Beard <tbeard@tyler.net> wrote:
> > -Longbows require a ST of 13 and do 2+1 damage.
> > -Heavy Crossbows require a ST of 12 and do 2+1 damage.
> > -Light crossbows require a ST of 10 and do 1+1 damage.
> >
> > These weapons ignore all armor and shields.
> Sign me up!
> Good try, but TFT is too tight to tinker with so casually.
> Anyone I know who's tried, winds up building their own system.
> :)

Amen to that.  You can change things, but don't expect it to be
without...ramifications.  If you're really intent on this, I 
suggest adding a separate longbow skill to reflect the extreme
amount of skill which (as I understand it) is required to 
effectively use a medieval longbow, as opposed to a small bow.
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