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Re: (TFT) Rpg combat systems --> Dice types?

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> Hi Everyone, Martin,
> In Martin's post on his game system he
> mentioned a problem with multiple types of
> dice:
> >... They hated having to roll different
> >sized dice for every roll in the game!
> Steve Jackson wrote that he disliked
> all the different types of dice in D&D so
> he designed TFT using only six sided dice.
> It was nice that he picked the cheapest
> type of dice for his game system, but I
> always had a sneaking suspicion that he was
> missing out on some of the 'toy enjoyment'
> that many and various types of dice give.
> What is everyone's feelings about
> different types of dice?

I don't mind using polyhedrals, but I think it's an interesting design
challenge to limit yourself to d6's. In my experience, d6's are easier for
players to recognize so play is sped up slightly.

That said, the vaunted bell curve is often too coarse for my taste -- see
TFT and GURPS, where a DX or skill of 12 gives a 75% chance to do an average

You can see from many of my wargame designs (www.tyler.net/tbeard/home.htm)
that I do like handfuls of d6's.

--Ty Beard

--Ty Beard
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