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Re: (TFT) Random thoughts on rpg combat systems.

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From: "Dave Seagraves" <zilch@austin.rr.com>
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> Rick writes . . .
> >The jump from a 1 die horse bow to a
> >1d+2 longbow for a only one point increase in
> >minimum ST bothered me to the point where I
> >increased the minimum ST of long bows to 12.
> >(I added a 1d+1 hunting bow at ST 11.)
>    I like this idea.
> >Dave Seagraves uses a system where you may
> >always parry a blow by rolling two dice more than
> >the attacker's to hit roll.  Thus it makes sense
> >to attack with 4 or 5 dice (if you have the DX)
> >because this makes your blows hard to parry.
>    In my modified /Advanced Melee/ the attacker gets to choose how
> many dice to roll (any number from zero to infinity).  The more dice
> rolled, the more difficult the attack maneuver (feint, etc.) his
> character is attempting.  An attacker could roll more than 3 dice, but
> if he succeeds it makes it harder for the defender to parry.


>    So I bumped defense rolls up to +2 dice, and playtesting has shown
> this to work pretty well.  Rolling an optimum number of attack dice,
> two DX 10 fighters have a 94% chance to hit each other and a 16%
> chance to parry.  Overall chance of attacker success (i.e. getting to
> make a damage roll) is 79%.  If two average Joes have at each other
> with baseball bats one of them will get clobbered pretty quickly.

Do you roll a separate defense roll for each enemy attacker?

And as I understand it, defense rolls are however many dice the attacker
rolls +2 dice. Interesting. I still detest separate defense rolls, but I
might be tempted to try your system.

--Ty Beard
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