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Re: (TFT) Crossbows Are Too Powerful ?

Ty Beard wrote:
> I wrote:
>> As it is now, TFT longbows may be underpowered 
>> compared to real longbows, but the higher ROF 
>> makes up for it.
> Agreed -- if you're fighting lightly armored 
> foes. But you cannot replicate the superiority 
> of English longbowmen over knights with TFT. 
> My rules changes are an attempt to remedy this.

Well, fair enough.  To add my personal animus to I think the introduction of Fine Plate armor is the real kicker--IMO, if there is one place where I think AM went off course, it was the introduction of fine plate.)  So perhaps some redress is needed on the side of the archers.

While your approach does that, I will suggest another that, purely in my opinion, is more in line with 'The TFT way'.  :)  I present for your consideration a new talent.  Please, bear with me a sec:

Longbowman - IQ required: 10  Slots: 1  
Characters with this talent are familiar with the techniques of archery needed to use a longbow to its full potential.  When such a character fires a longbow, the shot may ignore one point of armor for every point of ST the character has above 10, to a maximum of six points.

I think that addresses the problem in a way which is perhaps a bit more easily integrated into to the game as a whole.  YMMV.

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