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(TFT) Dices?

Martin Gallo <martimer@mindspring.com> writes:

>I (obviously) do not have a problem with different types of dice. My 
>only real 'pet peeve' is those darn pyramidal d4's - I cannot grab a 
>handful of them at a time because of the shape. If I ever find a 
>bunch of the double numbered d8's at a reasonable price I will buy 

Have you looked at the new cylindrical dice? The d4 from this set is like a 
d6 elongated in one axis with little pyramids at the ends to prevent 
"enders".  Most of the low-sided dice really require a bare tabletop to roll 
right (ie. they don't roll at all, so you gotta make 'em bounce), but the 
larger numbered dice will actually roll barrel-style. While I'm not impressed 
by the d20, the d8 and d6 from this set are rather nice...

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