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(TFT) Contests between characters

> Hello everyone,
> I have some new rules and I invite
> comments. I have long wished for a system to
> allow two characters to directly compete with
> each other. This is another attempt at
> creating some nice fast rules on the subject.
> <Shortened for brevity>
> Example:
> Player A rolls 4 dice and gets a 6, 4,
> 3 and 1. Player B rolls 3 dice and gets
> a 6, 1 & 1. After discarding the high
> pair, player A wins. If the optional
> rules are being used player A wins with
> a level 2 victory.
> Rick

  Hey Rick, When I read the summary of your rule suggestion, I immediately
recognized where the original root idea must have came from - the combat
resolution die rolls for conflicting armies in the board game RISK.

  So, I immediately took a liking to the idea of adopting your 'new' set of
rules for resolving contests between characters, because it's something I've
had *plenty* of experience with from my childhood days of playing RISK for
hours on end against some friends who couldn't wrap their heads around my
other favorite game of the time, TFT.

  Since I know that it's easy to teach players how to use it, as well as
that it's fast, flexible, and gives fair results while still having the
element of chance for either side winning the contest. I think it's a
definite addition for the 'TFT revised edition' rulebooks!

(Well ok, Maybe it'll only wind up in certain GM's house rules. But an avid
TFT fan can dream that his favorite Rpg rule system will be reborn again as
a published game system someday, can't he?) 8D

- Tim Sireno
  AKA White Wolf, Gamemaster of the World of Cendri TFT Campaign.
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