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Re: (TFT) Fire damage


Damage    Flesh        Paper/Cloth      Wood            Metal
1      (Wax melts)	                Kindling

3   1st degree burns
   to exposed skin   Paper and loose
4                     clothing ignite
                     doing 1 point of
5                     damage per turn   Loose timber
                     until smothered   ignites
6   2nd degree burns                                     Lead melts
   to exposed skin   Books catch fire
                     Heavy clothing    Normal door
8                     and leather       catches fire,
                     catch fire doing  and will burn
9   3rd degree burns  1D6/2 damage      to ashes in 2    Gold melts
   to exposed        until smothered   hours

15                                      Wooden building  Silver melts
                                       catches fire,    Glass softens
                                       and will burn    Copper melts
                                       to ash in a day

20                                      Small ship
                                       catches fire,
                                       will burn to
                                       the water line
                                       in about a day
25                                                      Iron melts
                                                       Lead vaporizes

50    Only ash left                                     Mithril melts
                                                       Gold vaporizes
				                      Silver vaporizes

1st degree burns are relatively minor injuries. They are marked by pain and occasional edema (swelling due to fluid accumulation). The skin will peel in 3 - 6 days, the area will be itchy and red for up to a week. First degree burns usually leave no scar. The character will suffer a -1 DX for every third of their body that is burned. 2nd degree burns should get the attention of a physic immediately. The wound will generally be mottled white and red or bright cherry red. Blisters, subcutaneous edema, moisture and extreme pain accompany this wound. If the wound is not aggravated and receives proper treatment it can heal in 10 - 14 days. Infection or trauma to the wound could draw the period out to months. The character will suffer a -1 DX for every sixth of their body burned and double that when using a location burned.

3rd degree burns can be white, brown, black, or cherry red. The skin is sometimes leathery form dehydration and may appear shrunken. The treatment of 3rd degree burns is beyond the scope of medieval medical treatment and any affected location will probably be lost. Magic or miracles are the only hope for the character. If not available the character must make a 3D6 roll vs. HEALTH to avoid dying from the immense physiological trauma. Interestingly enough, there is no pain from a third degree burn, as the pain receptors are destroyed. Characters will have DX-1 per twelf of their body that is burned. If the character is burned on at least half of their body, there is usually exposed bone in some of the burns. If the wound goes to the bone then it will appear dull and dry. Again, this is beyond the scope of medieval medicine, and magic or miracles is the only hope. If unavailable the character must save vs. HEALTH on 4D6 to survive the Trauma.

    David Michael Grouchy II

	1984 Fire Almanac;
       National Fire Protection Association, Quincy 1983 edited
       by Ruth Carwice

	Nursing Care of Burn Patients, C V Maseby Co,
       By Florence Jacoby 1972, USA

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