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Perrin, David writes:
I know it must be the same for a lot of people but when I was younger I had almost the complete set of TFT. Over the years it has all just disappeared the final batch being as a result of a messy divorce and a particularly efficient shredder. Whilst I know most of the set is irreplaceable I think I could make do with a copy of Advanced Melee, Advance Wizard and Into the Labyrinth. Being in the UK I haven't been able to find anyone to buy a copy off, is there anyone out there who has a copy they could sell me or lend me for a short time ?

Welcome to the list!  You might search the archives for
reference to the "Mnoren Library" which is run by one of
the list members.  He regularly lends copies of the
various tomes for the price of postage from the US. Dan =====
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