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Re: (TFT) Falling in TFT --> New rules posted.

>      I've been sky diving..........

My wife got giddy just reading this post. I have done none of those things -
the only thing I can add is I broke my ankle in an elevator when I was 18.
We had this game where you go up and down in an elevator then someone
presses the 'emergency stop' button and everybody jumps. If the elevator was
going up you get momentarily airborne, and if it was going down you slam
into the floor. I fell awkwardly doing the latter (didn't hurt at all mind
you) but couldn't stand up afterwards and watched my foot swell up like  a
balloon and spend the next 5 weeks in plaster...

PS: Rules for falling look OK.

Re sweeping blows - I always took them to mean the 3 front hexes only (for a
1-hex figure - Eyes Behind is no help). I would be loath to tone them down
as wizards have it all over heroes as it is, why take something neat away
from them? Realistically, hopefully critters seeing a muscly hero with a
large weapon would be wary of this and try to manoeuvre themselves away from
him or avoid direct combat.
Also say a 4-hex figure could put 2 of its hexes next to a sweeper - I don't
think I would allow a sweeping blow to get 2 'bites' at a 4-hex dragon lets

The extra talent for Sweeping could be for extending a sweeping blow to any
4 hexes including a side hex, but still at DX -4.
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