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RE: (TFT) TFT and Autorealm

From: "Perrin, David" <perrind@WJBChiltern.com>

You can set up a "Quasi" mega hex as you can have two levels
of grid and set one to be three times the size of the smaller
but its just not the same !!

Right. As you scale down form MH to hexes they rotate relative to the alignment of the MH by about 14 degrees (can't remember exact number). So shrinking hexes to 1/3rd size doesn't work. That is to say, the 'grain' of the small hexes will run north/south, but the 'grain' of the MH will run about 14 degrees to the north east. Now if you can shrink, and rotate the smaller 'grid' you might be able to tweek it to make it work. Though it still won't look like the classic MH as some of the smaller hexes will overlap the MH border a little.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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