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Re: (TFT) TFT and Autorealm

David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
>     Right.  As you scale down form MH to hexes they rotate relative to the 
> alignment of the MH by about 14 degrees (can't remember exact number).  So 
> shrinking hexes to 1/3rd size doesn't work.  That is to say, the 'grain' of 
> the small hexes will run north/south, but the 'grain' of the MH will run 
> about 14 degrees to the north east.

When I was setting up the TFT website, I wanted to get a background
tile that gave us the familiar megahex map for a background image.
I can't remember who helped me out, but someone came up with a GIF
that is tileable and does a spiff job of baking a big MH background.

It might be helpful for what you're trying to do; look at

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