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(TFT) Speaking of megahexes

 * Useless comments about megahexes *

I have to say, unless trying to recreate the melee or wizard maps for death test or something like that, why bother with megahexes?  Obviously a 'megahex' sized spell effect can be centered anywhere, not just in certain hexes.  Why should the true range (in hexes) of a missile vary depending on whether or not you're in the center or edge of a purely notional 'megahex'?  I just use a hex grid and count every three hexes as a full 'megahex' of range.  

I guess it doesn't bother me to take the extra time to count all the hexes instead of just the MH's.  Oh well.

That being said, I do have a few pounds of megahexes I made a few years ago.  Those 1" hexagonal ceramic flooring tiles, when glued together in clusters of seven, make for a very cool sort of surface.  Some specialty flooring places can get the ceramic ones. (I initially tried to find 1" marble tiles, but I couldn't.) The resulting tile MH's are easily re-arranged, but don't get knocked around by accident like cardstock or paper ones..  
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