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Re: (TFT) Speaking of megahexes

From: Stan <srydzews@ix.netcom.com>

That being said, I do have a few pounds of megahexes I made a
few years ago.  Those 1" hexagonal ceramic flooring tiles, when
glued together in clusters of seven, make for a very cool sort
of surface.

Every couple of years I re-manufacture my megahexes. I use a negative space approach. Instead of laying out megahexes for the hallways, I make and print one big sheet of full sized megahexes. About one and a third meters by half a meter. Big enough to cover the center of the table. Then I take the cut out sections, color and texture them, and use them for walls. I also like to make a huge sheet of small hexes. I have one with an entire city on. It's in color and drafted with details. Since I don't allow miniatures, but only counters, I can lay it out over the megahexes at any time. People who play with me for the first time are usually quite impressed with "oooh" and "ahhh"'s. When combat starts I pick up the city map and rearange the walls to match the details of the part of the city they are in. My players have become quite conditioned to this set up. When ever I fold up the city map, they all pick up dice, and get ready to state their actions in under five seconds. When the city map is out, they kick back, drink cokes, and role play their way through the political climate.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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