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Re: (TFT) Speaking of megahexes

Ty Beard wrote:
Does anyone know where we can find the 1" hexagonal tiles?

I got mine just by calling flooring dealers in my area.  I found
two places out of maybe six that could order them.  Try calling
around.  The ones I have came in sheets, with a plastic mesh backing,
with a gap between the tiles for grout.  I cut the mesh away and glued
the tiles into a solid groups of seven hexes.  Zap-type miniatures glue
works fine.  Optionally outline each resulting megahex with a black
magic marker.  The ceramic ones I have aren't glazed; their semi-porous
surface is easily marked on with a sharpie.

If you have no luck finding them, I have three spare 1 foot by 1.5 foot
sheets I could sell you, but they're hefty enough that shipping would
be a bit pricy.  Try local sources first.
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