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(TFT) Counters v Miniatures

I am a dedicated miniature wargamer and have a huge stockpile of painted
fantasy miniatures. So, naturally, I use them in my TFT games. But several
problems have plagued me for years, and I am contemplating a return to

1. The monsters don't fit the TFT profile. I.e., the 7 hex dragon miniature
won't fit 7 hexes.

2. I don't have the particular monster at hand -- and using a counter makes it
look less cool compared with all of the players' miniatures.

3. Setup and take-down time is much higher.

4. "Game ready" storage is cumbersome and seeing the minis can alert the
players that something is coming up.

So, here are some questions for David and others who use counters:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of counters?

2. Do you know of a source for additional TFT counters or art that I can use
to make my own?

3. Has anyone colorized or enhanced the stock TFT counters?

4. If anyone has drawn up additional counters, I'd appreciate a PDF of them.


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