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Re: (TFT) Counters v Miniatures

> 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of counters?

Inexpensive (unless you count them as collector's items)
Correct size
Easier to move (unless you're removing them from the board, minis sometimes
get packed in close)
easy to fake/make new ones (with blank counters and some pencils)

not as pretty
never seem to really represent the character (usually a disadvantage for
minis, too)
more likely to suffer from a feline hurricane

> 2. Do you know of a source for additional TFT counters or art that I can
> to make my own?

Sorry. I suppose you might try getting the graphic tile sets that are
commonly used in the (computer) game Angband, blowing them up to the correct
size, then color printing them (actually, that's not a bad idea, seeing as
how I got a new printer for xmas...) I recall that the set I use has good
snakes and items and such, but is a little light on humanoid characters (no
octopi, either).

> 3. Has anyone colorized or enhanced the stock TFT counters?

Yes. A couple of decades ago, I put the stock ones under a photocopier, then
colored them. I also made some of my own with (really bad) original art
(complete with the goofy blackletters)

> 4. If anyone has drawn up additional counters, I'd appreciate a PDF of

I never got them into digital form.

Neil Gilmore
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