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RE: (TFT) Counters v Miniatures --> Ricks counters.

Hi Everyone,
	I have always used counters because A) they were
cheaper (and I was a VERY broke student when I started
playing TFT), B) I am a bit of an artist and could make
my own counters to fit any situation, and C) they were 

	For a little while, I tried to collect miniatures,
but I had trouble finding termagants...  Also, it felt 
wrong having some counters and some miniatures.

	I have made 2 original counter sheets which I
put in as freebies when I sold an issue of the Inept
Adept.  These sheets are mostly monsters of various 
types as I had plenty of the Metagaming sheets and
more bears, wolves, etc than I needed.  (I never under-
stood why Metagaming kept giving us counters for wolves
in virtually every set they made, but never produced 
any microquests that had hymenopterans.)

	A fair number of TFT campaigns eventually spun off
of mine, and these people were missing the Metagaming
counters sheets.  So I made a third one which rather
than being unique monsters, had tons of heros, wizards,
goblins, kobolds, bears, snakes, wolves etc.  I photo-
copied these onto heavy paper and glued them onto 
cardstock.  They worked very well except the gluing was
a pain and it always seemed one corner or another was
lifting up.

	So I was planning to pay to have an offset press
print up a few hundred of them on cardboard (a bit 
heavier than the Metagaming counters) and I was hoping
to sell packets of them to defray costs.  However 
very few people were interested, and I got very busy
so nothing further has happened.

	I've been thinking about auctioning off lots of
the back issues of the Inept Adept, paper counter sheets, 
a TFT Codex, etc. on Ebay, but I've not had time.

	Right now I'm REALLY busy, so there is not likely
to be much motion anyway for at least a semester.



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>From: "Ty Beard" <tbeard@tyler.net>
>2. Do you know of a source for additional TFT counters or art
>that I can use to make my own?

   I remember this post from back in 2000.  Apparently Rick Smith made 
counters sheets that were very nice.  I don't know if he still has them.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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>	So my question is would you pay $5 or
>$7 dollars for a pack of new TFT counters.
>Count me in.  I don't have the original counters, so I am keen
>to get some basic counters like wizards, fighters and stuff.

> > 	A number of people on the list have
> > copies of my first two sheets.  Perhaps they 
> would be kind enough (or 
>unkind enough!)
> > to give a short review of my artistic talents?

>I have a copies of Rick's last two counter sheets and they are
>great.  His dragons are especially spectacular - one sheet even
>had one that was 19 hexes or so!  I have seen the original
>counters from Melee and Wizard and his art does a good job of
>evoking same 'flavour.'  Getting the first two sheets (even on
>the cheaper stock) would make for a great bonus for those who
>don't already have them.
>Rick, maybe you could make a scan of one of your new (or old)
>counters an have it posted one of the TFT sites?

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