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RE: (TFT) How Many of You Use Megahexes?

>Do you use megahexes? Are they worth the trouble?

	I use them and like them.  It speeds up 
counting missile ranges, ranges for Dazzles, 

>Do you use small scale hex paper for mapping?

	I used to, and would still use it if I
had time to map...

>What do you think about going to a square grid for TFT?

	No, No!  Hexes are fine.  I use a DX modifier
called "crowded hex" for -2 DX if a person is in a
hexagon that is busy.  Maybe two friendly figures
are forced to squeeze together.  Maybe a chunk of a
large tree fills part of it, etc.

	When I want 90 degree walls, I cut one line
of hexes in half and call the half hexes crowded.
It works really well.

	But you guys know me, I'm deeply reactionary 
at heart.

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