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Re: (TFT) How Many of You Use Megahexes?

Ty Beard writes:
Do you use megahexes? Are they worth the trouble?

Not to me ... I know what the definition of a megahex is,
drawing darker borders around selected megahexes only
serves to cloud the issue, IMHO.
Do you use small scale hex paper for mapping?

No .. I prefer small scale grid paper.
What do you think about going to a square grid for TFT?

Heresy!!  If you're interested in using a square grid
for TFT, check out Compact Combat by Microtactix.  I
don't think it works for movement.  One of the great
advantages of using a hex grid is that the distance
between the centers of adjacent gridcells is the same.
This isn't true if you use square grids. Dan =====
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