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Re: (TFT) I knew this guy

As a medical doctor whose once neat writing corroded over the years trying
to scrawl lecture notes and then patient notes while really busy I can

I think the other extreme of a campaign with a load of battle veterans
(12/12/8 fighters or pole weapon guys, with wizards with IQ 11 for fireball)
gets a bit boring too, I always liked to encourage interesting individual
combinations, with maybe a couple of 12/12/8 NPCs hanging around initially.
I can fully identify with that player when I played I lost a 2 weapons
starter and a whip guy very quickly beofre getting a wizard......

The strangest thing out of this whole tale was years later when he was in
> college.  He told me 'You know, no one ever cared about my hand writing.
> you hadn't made me improve it I don't think I would have made it into
> college."  As a GM you just never know what kind of affect your gonna have
> on people.
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