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(TFT) Fwd: Advanced Melee PDFs

Thought I would forward this to the TFT news group. A friend has just posted Advanced Melee in pdf to his web site. The link is below.

   David Michael Grouchy II

From: Ted Deiker <ted@deiker.net>
Subject: Advanced Melee PDFs
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 23:04:33 -0800

Okay - Advanced Melee is ready to download.  I've made two versions,
a small PDF (about 14MB) and a large PDF (about 34MB).  Needless to
say, the larger one displays at a considerably higher resolution,
but even the smaller version should be pretty legible when printed
(I'm a fan of the bigger files myself).

You can download them at:


The reason this one took so long was that the cover was pretty faded,
and needed extensive Photoshop work.  Now that the touchups are done,
the remaining two books (Wizard and ITL) shouldn't take very long at
all.  Keep an eye open for them on the same web page.

Happy gaming!


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