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(TFT) home grown campaigns

I remember in my last 2 years of high school writing 400 odd pages of
campaign gazetteer (I had a good memory and school was pretty mindless),
with a huge map - 1 hex=25km,  pages and pages of kingdoms, continents etc.
Had a few bunches of people play it and luckily they were all friends of
mine who didn't worry too much about the rules and loved the roleplaying
(well, one guy was a bit of a shyster, saying to another player, look you
lend me your +1 sword and I'll give you 100gp now and 2000 later on when I
get it etc..., but it was funny).
I was wary of people I met elsewhere who professed to be roleplayers because
they were frequently obsessed with power and finicky about the rules.

A a GM I found it really mindblowing to make your own world and have a bunch
of people 'live and breathe' it, talk about a shared delusion.

The best thing about a huge gazetteer is having a playable solution to the
players when they say, 'Hill Giants, naaah lets go somewhere else, does this
town have sewers/docks etc.?............
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