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Re: (TFT) I knew this guy

> Neil,
>    No kidding.  Talk about being there at the dawn of role playing.

(and the only advantage to being a wizard was that they threw their dice at

There's a shop here called Alternate Realities that's primaryily a used book
store for SF, fantasy, horror and that sort of stuff (as an aside, the used
booksellers in Madison have theor own organization, and each one has mape to
the others, really cool). Because of the proximity to Lake Geneva and Sauk
City (home to August Derleth and Arkham House), they've had some of the
neatest stuff I've seen.

>    Yeah, somone really wanted to know what was in there.  I mean it
> sound like they were interested in the 'high quality' of the back pack
> itself.  I just don't see DMs any more with a 'book of secrets.'

Well, Madison is a college town, and there's lots of battered backpacks. The
guy stole it at least didn't get much for the contents.

> Ogres (cool story.)  Its like the GM is telling the players 'you ARE
> an effect on my world.'

Yep. the GM can map all he wants, but without players it's nothing. The
players AND the GM TOGETHER make the stories.

Neil Gilmore
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