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RE: (TFT) The day the music died

> Tasonis, Greg
> we were all consumed with percentages, rule books, and character
> sheets instead of having fun. Maybe it's an inevitable progression
> from wide eyed innocent to jaded, rule- quoting, game system hording
> statistician.

I don't think it ends there. I think it comes full circle back to the
beginning, not so much with wide-eyed innocence, but with a fuller
appreciation of what makes role-playing fun.

About a year ago I send a group of players to track down an insane witch
that was raising skeletons by accident. The camped out in a graveyard
without any lights on a night of the new moon, when suddenly it started to
come to life around them. Their lights were limited to torches, and they ran
around in a near-blind panic trying to smash all the freshly raised corpses
and save the small village nearby. By the time the session ended, everyone
was feeling the fatigue of adrenalin poisons.

The passion doesn't have to die, but it takes work to keep it alive.

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