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Re: (TFT) The day the music died

> It was dense, that's for sure. There actually were some good ideas that
> could be grafted onto a D&D game, as well as a host of data on medieval
> society. But unlike Glorantha or even Tekumel, the game engine was simply
> too painful to play.

Aww, I don't know. I think it is a matter of taste. The older runequest
editions always frustrated me as they had all this stuff about rune magic in
them (as opposed to battle magic) and it was ages before you got to do them.
(bit like when G1,2,3 were the only published modules for AD&D)

Ialways liked the gradual progress to superhero like characters who could
take on whole armies. It was just a different mindset to TFT.
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