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Welcome to the fantasy world of Pangaea. A primordial continent 
teaming with life from the passive to the most aggressive. A land 
that time forgot. Here dinosaurs and fantasy creatures roam the 
land. In the sub-artic north wooly rhinos and mammoths still 
cause the earth to tremble under their feet, to the south the 
great beasts of the Jurassic age still hunt the steaming tropical 

Here man must also carve out a handhold and deal with the 
other humanoid races present. Stout Dwarves in their stone keeps 
and caverns. Nimble Elves ply the temperate forests. Halflings 
settled in the rolling hills. Fierce but noble Draconian's in the 
tropical south. Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins wherever they eek out 
a toehold. 

Come be a barbarian bold and quick, or join the knighthood and 
fight for king and honor. Magicians, thieves, vagabonds and 
priests abound, the possibilities are as varied as your 
imagination. Become one of the various races and join the fray. Or 
just join on as a lurker and watch the story build. 

This fantasy roll playing game uses The Fantasy Trip's game rules, 
created by Steve Jackson of SJGames GURPS fame,to resolve open 
conflicts and situations. TFT is a very enjoyable RPG system that 
is very flexible and easy to use. Rules and Rolls will be handled 
by the GM for all players. House rule changes for play will be 
posted in the files section along with maps and other features. 
there is a large database of character portraits in the photos 
section to choose from and I hope to keep adding to it till it 
maxes out.  

Rating:  PG13 
Title:   Pangaea TFT 
Subscribe: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pangaea_TFT/ 

Looking for all characters to get started. Openings for NPC's and 
Monsters will also be allowed if you are looking to be the bad 

Hope you enjoy   
Suggestions,critique to pangaea@ev1,net or rmorger@ev1.net

Robert Morger 
Boerne, TX 


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