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Solo III
Demon World
Part 027

Rebecca starts scolding the children. "Put them down! Those are souls of kids." Every child looks at her confused and surprised. Even Gail has no idea what she is talking about, or why Rebecca is yelling. She is going to say a lot more but you stop her. With a hand on her shoulder and a firm voice you say her name. Her mouth still open she turns and looks over her shoulder at you. You shake your head back and forth. Ada comes to your suport. "Uncle is right." she says. "We are small and few. We have to use the tools of the enemy to beat them." Now you nod at Rebecca. "That dwarf wanted to turn us against our own victory. They will be freed. But on the day we have won." She closes her mouth and you continue. "Till then leave it be. We need these things for now." Rebecca throws down her pike ax and runs to her room. But she stops at the door and turns back. Tears streak her face. She runs back and picks up the pike again. Crying audibly now she runs to her room upset, yet clutching the pike to her breast.

The children looks scared now. They have never seen Rebecca break down like this before. They look at you like you did something mean to her. It's an odd moment for you. You can see them thinking vague accusations at you, yet they are the ones petting magic items made from the souls of children. Unaware of their attachment to the items they had when they were rescued.

"We met the dwarven emperor, and he said things that upset Rebecca." You say. And no one in the room is more surprised to hear these words than you. "I remember him now. He is a greedy mean spirited little dwarf. Who would readily make deals with demons." That is all you can remember, so you start to improvise. "But he made a mistake this day. He doesn't know I have lost my memory, and that I'm different now. Reckless, and more aggressive. And now that I know his spirit we are going to go astral and find him. And we will punish him for making Rebecca upset." And just like that, all of the children have confidence in you again. Ada and Gail take you into your room for a conference. Gail asks "If that's all it takes, why hasn't he found you that way?" Once again the answer is there like you always knew it. "Because he has never heard me speak before. Not a single word. He doesn't really know me." Now Ada has a question. "Then why haven't the demons found me? They have heard me say purgare countless times." Gail supplies the answer here. "Because the realm of the stars and the heavens is impassible to them. They can teleport through the sub regions, but they are fallen spirits."
    "Get the astral carpet."  You say.  "Let's find him."
Ada genuinely smiles. You realize you have never seen her do it before. "You are coming back to us Uncle. And we have the initiative again."

David Michael Grouchy II

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