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Solo III
Demon World
Part 031

Ada glides. Confident in her formal evening gown. Without moving her feet she slides right up to the subdued dragon. It's laying there. Still breathing. Its throat pointing to the sky and the top of its head laying in the dirt. Shiny scales around a closed mouth, the line of which looks like a smile. But that's just a result of the shape of its skull and jaw. It's eyes are half open. Half visible and translucent, Ada bends over it. She rests her spirit hands on the jaw line. She moves her head closer to its eye. She looks into it. There is a breif moment of stillness, then she begins to fade. The vague points of light that make up her spiritual self dropping out of position and falling into the dragon's eye. She is gone. There is a breif moment then she is there again. Her spiritual self steps back and the dragon opens it's eyes all the way. It flips over and raises its head. Ada's voice comes out of its mouth. "I have never been great." Her toung flickering in and out of her closed mouth with each syllable. Suddenly the jaw drops open and she growls. "Ahhhhh, agggggh. It hurts." She says. Her eyes are darting about. "That's because of the damage I did to subdue it." Says Uncle. "I hit it hard enough to kill your normal body ten times over." Her breathing is getting more rapid. "It hurts bad." She says, the snaky length of the dragon unconciously coiling around itself.
    "Think of the stars Ada.  Think of Gail.  Go astral."  Says Uncle.
The dragon starts to fade, and in it's place Ada's phisical from appears. Just like she left it on the carpet. Sitting, cross legged, with her eyes closed. She opens them. "The pain is gone." Her physical body stands and her astral dragon is there beside Gail. "Yes." Says Uncle. "If either of your forms are slain you can shift them to the spirit and continue on in the other. You now know what it means to be an un-mortal. One who can be killed, but can not die." Ada nods. She frowns and looks around. She looks over her left shoulder then over her right. She turns her head forward and closes her eyes. "I can still see. Even behind me." "Yes. Even blind. Your astral self can still see the world." Uncle goes on. "Think about the clouds, drifting by over head." The three astral forms drift up. Uncle and Ada's astral dragons, and Gail. "Now look down." He says. From way up above they look down on the island, seing it's exact shape. The cone of the volcano slightly off center. Then uncle says to the other astral dragon. "Now open your eyes."
    "Oh."  She says.
"You can see your immediate surroundings in great detail, and the whole island at the same time. This is called the long and the short vision. You will never be lost again."

David Michael Grouchy II

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