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Solo III
Demon World
Part 032

Gail is watching the wind brush the island. The three of you are hovering just under the clouds. Above looks like a foggy morning, but down below is an island made from an erroded volcano. It is ringed by white sandy beaches and boardered by the begining of various trees that have creeped across the whole island. The island is much bigger than the volcano and it's entire cone. It is old and the jungle climbs all the way up the ouside of the crator. Up to the edge. Inside is a tiny pond of smoke. It immediately streaks off to the north west. This is to Gails right. She has watched the smoke long enough to notice the wind pushing on the trees along the beach from every direction, but leaving the volcano's plume going straight off toward the lead island. This one is the third in a chain of islands. The second being the largest, and the fourth the lake of fire. Gail is drifting around in a circle. Changing her orientation to the left. The three of you glide as one till north is up and the smoke trail from the island below you is flowing to your north west. And there along the beaches the wind is steady. Tickling the trees all the way around.
From every approach, shore, and cove the surface breeze is flowing inland
from the water.
Concentration on her face. The three of you float lower, so you can actually see Uncle and Ada's physical bodies in a clearing. They are on the north east side of the island, not to far from a stream. But south west of them along the volcano's cone a dragon has just emerged from a cave. It's nose in the air, it's toung tasting the air. The air coming in from the coast must move along the canopy, dips into the clearing, and flows up the ouside of the crator. The cave falls right on this path and it has gotten whiff of Uncle's glove and the dragon heart it holds. The stream also leads up near the cave. It launches off the cave ledge and plunges into flight. It is covered with dark green feathers making it barely visible along the canopy top. Just like the others. Beneath its head are a pair of talons. That is the only part of it's legs or arms visible from above.

But from Uncle's view he will be able to see it's underside when it finally reaches the clearing. He will be able to see the pair of fore legs folded in and tucked elbows against it's side. The hind legs trailing flat along the underbelly. Pale, and without feathers. The view from above looks fluffy and light. Diffused, with the colors of the tree tops, it's burning a wicked fast serpintine path through the air, like a sidewinder zipping across the sand. Gail says "Here we go." Uncle's dragon grows more tired and hangs its head a little lower, as his human physical form draws enough work into the hamer touch to stike a metric ton and knock it back. Ada's human form steps closer to Uncle. Down on the island a dragon is skimming along the top of the jungle. Glistening feathers extended, the length of its lithe body doing the side winder pattern so distinctive to serpents moving at high speed. It swoops down on Uncles human body sideways. It intends to wrap its body around him like a constrictor, and bite his head off at the same time. Uncle's dragon speaks "It can smell the dragon heart in my hand, and it looks quite wrathfull." He holds his right hand up, over his head. The dragon, drops the middle of his body on him. Uncle drops his hand faster and slaps it. The force of the slap knocking the dragon's entire body back and into the trees where it lays barely alive.
    "Your turn Gail."  He says.
Gail drifts down. The dragon lays crumpled in a simi-circle at the edge of the clearing along the base of several trees. One of the trees is cracked and bent over from the force of the impact. Gail crouches down and looks into the Dragons eye. She fades out and then reappears, just like Ada did. Her new dragon form starts coiling up on itself. It fades astral and is replaced by her physical human form. Sitting there crosslegged just like she left it on the carpet. She stands up with her eyes closed and says "Ours is to keep and tend." She walks around on the balls of her feet. Light and springy. She pulls up the length of the gown she is wearing a little to give her legs more freedom of movement. She runs in circles in long light strides and shouts one long note "Whooooooooo, weee." At the same instance her astra dragon wispers "And at the same time I can quietly say something to you two. And no one else will know." She stops running in circles. "What now." Uncle says "We need time for your dragons to heal. About half a year for nature to do it. So keep your dragons hidden, and behave as humble mortals. We are going to become pirates. We will attach ourselves to a captain and be traded up to more important captains. Until we come to the Lord of pirates. And then..." Uncle smiles for the second time in his life. "We will teach them to capture iron ships on the rivers of fire. "First, Ada, use your earing and tell Laura that we can not come back. The dwarf and his body guard know us now and could follow us to the lab. Tell her that Rebecca is in charge. And that we will be back." Uncle turns into a dragon and rears up to several palm trees, gingerly picking coconuts with his mouth. He collects twelve of them in his claws and slithers down to the stream where Ada first saw the claw print. He drops them on the bank and becomes human again. Two at a time he wades out into the stream and pushes them under the water. When he lets go they don't pop up on the surface, but dissappear. "This is a gate I made ages ago." He comes back for two more coconuts. "It only allows food and water to pass through." He repeats the process pushing the coconuts under and releasing. When they float up they dissappear as they near the surface. "The kids will have fresh coconut milk for a couple of days." He continues pushing all the coconuts down. "They will find these coconuts in the fresh water sink in the kitchen."
    Gail says "I had no idea."

David Michael Grouchy II

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