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Solo III
Demon World
Part 043

A week later Uncle, Gail, and Ada are on deck to watch their first fire crossing. The ship has left the Thousand Islands behind and is sailing into a new sea. As a barrier a river of fires crosses it's path. The Mates bring a keg of gunpowder on deck. It has a waxed fuse running into it. The Captain and his woman are standing by the bow carving. The keg is brought up to them. She waves her hands over the carving of the octopus and it comes to life. The captain hands it the keg and with a spash it is off swimming to the river. The octopus swims right into the river of fire. The keg lights and shortly therafter it detonates. There is a large explosion. The river of fire has been broken in half. They sail the ship straight through, and quickly. Looking over the sides Gail can see the broken end of the river of fire snaking around. Like fingers looking for something. Shortly after the ship has crossed the river has found it's other end and reconnected. It's like the break never happened.

David Michael Grouchy II

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