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Solo III
Demon World
Part 044

Uncle does his spotting from the deck now, instead of climbing up to the lookout nest. He's using his astral dragon. So, really he could be below decks and still see father than any man on the ship. Two days after crossing the river of fire a likely ship is spotted. But it's still a day away. Informing the captain of it's location and heading, he tacks through the wind to circle around and come up on the ship from the wind. This makes the target ship two days away. But it also puts the Triangle in perfect position to overtake them, steal their wind, and come along side for a boarding. The three dragons check out the ship so Gail and Ada can see the target in some detail. It's a merchant marine with a large crew, a small force of marines, and tons of cargo. The ships name is Shark's Belly. It doesn't look like an easy capture. But the captain thinks it's perfect. The day comes and when the ship draws near, everyone gets on deck. The crew of the Shark's Belly seems oblivious. They even wave. As soon as the Triangle gets close enough to steal it's wind that changes and everyone readies arms. When the Triangle comes alongside grapnels are thrown and the crew pulls the ropes forcing the ships closer together very slowly. And the second the lines touch the other ship one of the women pops a cork on a demon bottle. A demon appears wearing an iron collar and she points to the other ship. In a flash the demon is behind the captain of the Shark's Belly and has slain him. Another few heartbeats and one of the marines on deck falls dead. The next few heart beats and one of the mates in the rigging falls to the deck, the demon standing on the ropes next to where he was. Now the men and crew of the Shark's Belly are terrified. They are screaming and running in confused directions. By the time the crew of the Triangle board the Shark's Belly it is mostly to accept surrenders. There are only two hold outs and they are quickly killed. In the flesh Uncle says to Gail and Ada "As fast as demons are, they still can't run over water. That's why she waited for the hooks to be thrown." Uncle nods toward the woman who uncorked the demon. "As soon as there was a rope connecting the boats, that's all the demon needed to run across." He Pauses. "This is also why the demons need the rivers of fire. Not only does it break up shipping for the rest of us, but it's the only way they can cross the oceans."

David Michael Grouchy II

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