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Solo III
Demon World
Part 045

It takes far longer to sort it out. Capturing the ship was quick but now there is the sorting of prisoners, invetory of loot, and inspection of the new ship. Events slow to a crawl and just seem to drag on and on. Prisoners are chained at the feet, questioned about their identities, and moved to the cargo hold of the Triangle. One at a time, and in no great hurry. The occasional dead body is heaved over the rails. Uncle, Gail, and Ada stand there watching. Detached and a little numb. Uncle is grinding his teeth a little without realizing it. Gail has something else on her mind and turns on him.
   "This is wrong."  She says.  "We shouldn't be a part of this."
Uncle waits for a long moment. Making sure she isn't going to say more before responding. He looks at her to see if that's all she going to say.
   Gail punches him in the arm.  "Answer me!"  She says in a little shriek.
"All war is like this." Uncle says. "No, it's not right. The one who uses surprise, who cheats, and who uses unfair advantage wins. The one who fights fair, dies." He turns and looks right into Gail's eyes to make sure she is hearing him. "Everytime." Then he turns away looking at a prisoner being brought on deck from the Shark's Belly. "What do you think Ada?"
   Ada says "I didn't think they take anyone alive."

David Michael Grouchy II

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