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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

rsmith wrote:
> My questions is how would you summarize the
> healing spells in your campaign? 

I don't use them.

I like the effect that slow healing has on the game (IT REALLY HURTS TO GET HURT).  I have lossened the rules a bit though, 
1- you can still heal a point every 2 days while adventuring (assuming the conditiond are not too bad, you know, you get to eat and sleep etc.)
2- you can heal 1 point each day, if you actually rest (not working or adventuring) in a town, inn, or tidy camp, and are under the care of a professional (physicker)

So after the gang gets hurt, they tend to rest up a while, and blow through some of their savings.  Or they heroically soldier on in spite of injury, adding to their growing legend.  Plus they occasionally spend a little money on overpriced healing potions.


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