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I've transformed the Revival spell into a "Health" spell (same IQ & St cost), 
that will not only revive the dead (with campaign-based limitations) but will 
also heal the living 


 I've also lengthened the recovery time for serious injury (those that under canon TFT would have killed the character) nobody seems to mind, and mostly the players are just happy that I've adopted Ty's death and dying rules (with slight modificatiobs)   for the current campaign - I used to run strict 0hp=dead.  

I think I like the idea of the revival/Health combo, I may incorporate that as well.  One question though, what about revival potions?  Do they heal as well, and will they help a limb grow back?  It will be a long time before my party can afford one, but indentured servitude to an alchemist is alwqays an option.

I may just try your idea for extra stength heal poitions as well, In fact I believe I hear the clever Goblin alchemist who recently discovered it selling them now, they heal 1d+1 and are sold for a mere $500, that will likely come down to $350 once the secret to their manufacture is discovered by others...

     Healing is always a good topic for discussion, I think Erol's solutions are pretty good, healing gets a little easier, but is nowhere near the D&D fight/heal/fight routine.  I hope to hear other peoples solutions too.


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